Suggestions For Improvement

There is no doubt that our culture, our society has become so overwhelmed with the medias content output that we have started to become less aware of what they are actually producing. We see can see what negative impact a simple show from the outside looking in The Big Bang Theory actually possesses. How a harmless sitcom to most people actually can turn out to be a show that reinforces dominant ideologues and stereotypes that can be harmful to people/ audiences everywhere. Most importantly to the kids growing up who are introduced to these shows at a younger and younger age everyday it seems. Where they tend to learn and possible try and act like the characters on these types of shows, which is the wrong thing to actually do but they don’t know better. For example a young girl may realize that if she can just look pretty then she will be successful in life, and if she’s not then she either better be smart or else she will fail. Like we see in The Big Bang theory Penny seems to get by just fine because she has good looks that has the men falling all over her time and time again. Instead of me rambling on I think there are some ways that we can improve our culture for the future.

I don’t think that it is possible for our society to censor shows that portray these negative actions/ content as the media is owned by a few major corporations and they have the ability to do what they want. However as an audience we have the ability to stop watching these types of shows, which in some way our power because with our viewers they will fail. Another suggestion that would work is to introduce critical media literacy into middle and high schools through out the U.S. Critical media literacy would be a great way to just educate students into understanding the role media plays in their lives. Giving them the tools to look at media with a critical eye could go a long way in their life because it would introduce them to not only bad things media has to offer, but the good as well. This could open up career paths and interests in reporting, journalism etc.. as well it makes young people actively engage with thier media, allowing them to analyze the messages presented in media texts and scrutinize the media in its representation. Secondly by understanding the messages presented in media, it could young people to make more effective counter-arguements by contributing to the generation of media text that offers a different perspective or rationale. Allowing people to also help understand other cultures, races, and beliefs to.

Overall I don’t think it would be possible for a law or legislation to have an impact here since media is free speech, however I think having classes designated to young kids growing up could provide huge benefits to the future of this country.


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