My hash tag ethical representation is what I came up with that should help raise awareness not only for this issue but for the support in critical media literacy studies in general. I think when people tweet this out already knowing the meaning behind it they can spread the message. Which then other people will be intrigued and would like to know “what is ethical representation” and that’s where the conversation can start. People would engage in conversation about how the media must represent all people, actions and content in an ethical manner. What I mean by that is we would gain support from our society to start a movement towards getting the attention of the media conglomerates and letting them know we are only in support of content that is of ethical nature. So no advertisements, and music videos for starters that objectify men and women. No TV shows and movies that portray negative stereotypes time and time again. As well to get politicians to hopefully know that maybe introducing critical media literacy into schools around the country can be a good thing and should be something that is mandated. Hopefully this can get the people talking and critically engaging in conversations about the media, in part so we can start to raise awareness.


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