As an audience watches shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones there interpret the same messages differently (ch. 8), but it’s how they interpret those messages that is important to this websites theme of medias mis-representation. Within this case study of these two television programs we have seen how the audiences have become active and not passive because people have been speaking out the shows. That’s why we are here reading these posts because people have already raised awareness up the controversies over these two shows. What we as an audience must do now is take collective action, which is when the audience organize collectively to make formal demands on media producers or regulators. Whether they are outraged by the images they see in a popular film, distressed by the exclusion of their points of view from the news, or concerned about the online advertising directed at their children” (Croteau, Hoynes). We can do this by not watching or viewing any of these shows in order to change the way the media conglomerates portray their content. According to Stuart Hall (pg.269) the audience can decode the messages that the producers share with the audience, which then the audience either develops a “negotiated” reading or constructs an “oppositional” reading. As it’s up to the audience to decide for themselves the action they want to take.

This post is not designed to tell you what you should do about the subject of mis-representation, but to challenge your thinking and question the messages you see in the media. To raise awareness as you are an audience member in the eyes of the media as they have no regard for your well being, just their profitable goals they wish to achieve.


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