Theme: Mis-representation

Throughout the our class Media & Culture we have come across and studied many things regarding the media and how it all really works. Being a communication major I also have had some prior knowledge to what this course would be like but I was shocked to have learned more than I could ever imagine. This class really opened my eyes to whole bunch of different topics that I think should be raised amongst the public in hopes that we could as an audience. Find a way to question the main stream medias choices, or the massive conglomerates owners who decide what should and shouldn’t be put on the media. Find a way to challenge the ideas that they continuously throw in our face in hopes that we buy into what they are selling. For the theme of my website I hope to raise awareness about the way the media mis-represents men and women in the media and more importantly on TV shows and movies that millions of people watch everyday. More importantly millions of kids watch everyday who get “brainwashed” into believing the stereotypes of the characters they are watching and their actions are the “proper way” to act when in reality they are not. I believe by raising awareness on the issues of how the media portrays stereotypes, ideologies, and objectifies men and women is an important issue to raise amongst the public because it has become a hot topic in society today with regards to how kids are growing up and mis-learning these ideas. How in our culture men and women are treated so poorly if they don’t live up to these “standards” that the media has set for us. That you are considered a failure instead of a success if you just be who you are, which to me is the sad thing.

The case study that I want to focus on are two shows that are very popular right now that both have come into the public eye for producing content that displays stereotypes, dominant ideologies and objectify men and women whether they did it on purpose or not. The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones have raised awareness for becoming really popular shows that people seem to love watching. However there has been backlash due to the fact these shows are also controversial because of the stereotypes and the objectification of men and women in the shows. The Big Bang Theory is a comedy show on CBS about 4 awkward physicists who develop a friendship with a beautiful blonde who lives across the hall from 2 of the friends. While the Game of Thrones is a TV show based on the book of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R Martin’s series of fantasy novels revolve around “Nine noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigue is pervasive” according to

The reason for picking these two shows is to show how two completely different style of TV shows offer the same sense of content that produce stereotypes, dominant ideologies and objectify men and women.

The Big Bang Theory has been scrutinized for portraying negative stereotypes amongst it’s characters and jokes.

Game of Thrones has been heavily scrutinized for having to many rape scenes and many episode that objectify women. and another link


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